Dried figs, Ficus Carica, are grown in the Aegean Region, around Izmir area, where our head office is located. Figs are special products, which require sensitive processing to have high quality. We specialize on its expertise on the raw products and careful processing activities, to satisfy its customers with the high quality.

After fumigation, aflatoxin chosen, calibration, washing, chosen processes, the figs are mashed with appropriate technic in grinder and the fig paste obtained. There are 2 options for fig paste; seedless or with seeds.

INGREDIENTS: Washing water contains %10-15 salt to preventive purpose. It doesn't contain any other additive.


  • Moisture : Max. 25 % (Determined by the DFA moisture tester)
  • Aflatoxins : B1 ≤ 6 ppb
    B1+B2+G1+G2 ≤ 10 ppb
  • Allergen / GMO : It doesn't contain any allergen or GMO
  • Sizing : The fruit pieces shall be uniform in size and not showing more than %8 by weight of smaller and/or larger.
  • Color : Characteristic – Light brown to dark brown
  • Flavour : Characteristic of sun dried fig flavor and free of foreign odors and flavors. Firm in texture, slightly wrinkled outer surface
  • Taste : No strange taste
  • Smell : Good, no off-smell
  • Texture : Clean and firm in texture, slightly wrinkled outer surface

Nutrition Information ( in 100g )


954 kJ, 228 kcal


4 gr



Carbon hydrate

53 gr

Minerals ( from USDA nutrient data laboratory )

Sodium : 11 mg
Phosphorus : 68 mg
Magnesium : 59 mg

Calcium : 144 mg
Iron : 2,2 mg
Potassium : 712 mg

Vitamins ( from USDA nutrient data laboratory )

Vitamin A : 133 IU / 13 RE
Vitamin B1 : 0,07 mg
Vitamin B2 : 0,08 mg

Vitamin B6 : 0,22 mg
Niacin : 0,7 mg
Vitamin C : 0,8 mg


Product Description

ORIGIN : Turkey

PRICES: By request

STORAGE CONDITIONS : The product should be stored in a clean, dry and cool (recommended below 5°C) place.

SHELF LIFE :12 months from date of production when stored in the conditions noted above.